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One-on-one physical therapy? Yes, it’s true! At Realign Fitness and Physical Therapy you will work one-on-one the entire session with your therapist. We specialize in quality personal care and offer a multitude of modalities. Deborah Denio is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Manual Therapy and Spine Specialist … a combination which is a rare find! Most of Dr. Denio’s practice is orthopedic based. Realign is not equipped for high level Neuro patients.

Deb is also available to her patients between sessions to answer any questions or assess their home exercise program. Also, as we are a fully equipped gym with licensed trainers and sports specialist we can safely transition you back to your gym or sport routine without the fear of re-injury.

Whether you have a sport related injury, are just out of surgery, sustained a motor vehicle accident injury or simply have PAIN; we can help you!

If you have been searching for quality care you have found the right place. See Deb’s full biography here to review her education and career history.

Call us today at 661.447.5020 for more information or to set up your appointment. Some insurances accepted.

Important Note: When you entrust you’re physical therapy needs to Realign, rest assured you’ll receive the highest level of care and attention. Most clinics these days employ aides, medical assistants, etc. allowing them to perform the majority of the therapy. Here you’ll see Dr. Deborah Denio, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will personally perform all your treatments. Dr. Deb will see that you transition successfully from therapy back to sports or working out safely! We never abandon an in-treatment patient back to their own devises (see Deb’s testimonials)!

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