Personalized Nutrition Packages

Deb Denio:


Meet with Dr. Deb to design your personalized nutrition plan. She will examine every aspect of your current diet and fitness goals. She will adjust your diet as needed for ongoing improvement until your goals have been met.

Deb does not sell you “shakes, pills and other nonsense”. She will teach you how to shop and prepare a realistic, real food plan.

Nutrition is a life style not a crash diet. Eventually you will be able to continue on your own making progress without assistance.

Deb has been a licensed practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2001 and has worked in numerous environments and directed several facilities. In 2012 she ventured into private practice with great success in Los Angeles, California. Deb is currently opening a new facility in Bakersfield, California which will serve both of her passions: personal training and physical therapy under one roof.

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