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Deb Denio:

Train one-on-one with Dr. Deb to design your personalized workout. Deb knows how to achieve weight loss, muscle tone or muscle building.

She will analyze your current fitness level and overall health first. Next Deb will make an ideal workout program for you to progress without injury. The benefits of training with Deb is that she is not only an IFBB Pro but is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Deb has won numerous fitness titles. Her experience will guide you to your optimum fitness level. Single sessions or package prices are available.

Deb has been a licensed practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2001 and has worked in numerous environments and directed several facilities. In 2012 she ventured into private practice with great success in Los Angeles, California. Deb is currently opening a new facility in Bakersfield, California which will serve both of her passions: personal training and physical therapy under one roof.

Want to learn more? Curious about services or prices? Want to schedule an appointment? Have a question for Dr. Deb? Call her at 661.447.5020 or use the form below:

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